4th street


3rd street




LA / 24

Los Angeles / 24
Time frame: Unknown (pretty much the entire afternoon and evening) 10/22/05

LA/24 sounded absurd in the beginning, i did not think it would go smoothly at all because LA is so much bigger and so much things to cover.
Traffic there was not bad, typical weekend traffic jams. Arrived LA downtown in the afternoon started taking pictures of "Little Tokyo", 3rd and 4th street. Pictures actually turned out great despite the gloomy weather. (as you can see from the pictures)

Overall i am satisfied with this project the most out of the 3









Thousand Oaks /24
time frame: 2-5pm 10/6/05

A day in the life of Thousand Oaks
Weather: Hot and sunny the way california weather should be
Similar to the last project, we were each assigned different tasks to be in charge of. The area that i was assigned to was the DMV area on avenida de los arboles. However, i wasn't allowed to take pictures within the interior of the DMV. I still managed to take a few good shots of the area, especially the nice cars of thousand oaks. The 3 pictures are the best ones i can pick out that symbolizes and describes thousand oaks


Centrum cafe


CLU library





Capturing the life and spirit of CLU in 24 hours
Time frame: 12-2 pm 22/09/05

Not much happened during the time i did my round, time seemed to pass very slowly. I walked around the route we were assigned and managed to capture some really nice shots. The experience gave me a chance to look at CLU in a different light. I started thinking that the project would be simple but i underestimated the workload and the process was really long and time consuming which gave me a rough idea on how the next two projects are goign to be like. The following 3 pictures are the ones i picked out from all the shots.